EEC's identity used illegally in mail fraud scheme

Date: Sep 01, 2017

Energy Exchanger Company's name and address has recently been illegally used in a mail check fraud scheme.  Please be aware, EEC is a victim in this, having our company name and physical address fraudulently used.  We will never send cashier's checks in the mail. We are not liable if someone cashes these bogus checks, as we are not in any way involved in perpetrating this illegal scheme.  We have reported the checks, that were returned to us, to the authorities and banks.   Again, No one at our company will send you a cashier's check.

Again, these cashier's checks are not from Energy Exchanger Company, and according to the US Postal Inspector's office, these checks are fake and anyone who cashes them will not be reimbursed for losses if cashed.

Energy Exchanger Company manufactures very large refinery equipment.  We are a small business and owned by a double-minority family for over 40 years.  WE DO NOT MAIL CHECKS TO INDIVIDUALS.

US Postal Inspector's office told us that individuals should be cautious when receiving these checks, and please report them to the appropriate authorities.

If you receive a check from our company and aren't certain it is fake, you may want to call the bank stated on the check for guidance.  Again, we are victims in this, and we do not claim to know the appropriate steps to take in remedying this and are only passing along information communicated to us by the authorities.

Some potential answers to questions:

  • EEC is not involved in any class action lawsuits.  So we wouldn't be sending any checks because of a lawsuit.
  • EEC does not participate in or hold sweepstakes
  • EEC does not overpay bills
  • EEC would never ask for money back on a cashier's check
  • EEC would never pay anyone with a cashier's check
  • EEC has been owned by a single Oklahoman family since 1974. We do not have any locations or employees outside of Oklahoma. 
  • EEC does not use banks in Iowa or Washington.

Again, EEC is a victim of identity theft, and are not liable for any damages. The US inspector's office also made no claim that they could stop these letters/checks from being delivered to individuals.

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